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The End and The Albatross

'The End and the Albatross' is a two-act musical, currently in development, about birds, romance, climate change and existential dread. Book, Music and Lyrics.


Bible Stories!

'Bible Stories!' is two-act musical satire adapted from the books of Genesis and Exodus. It has been developed at the Cincinnati Fringe Festival, Judson Memorial Church, and Atlantic Stage 2. Book, Music and Lyrics co-written with Christian Haigis.


'Little' is a barnyard romp for all ages based on the classic fable Chicken Little. It was developed at the Barn Arts Collective in 2018. Music and Lyrics. Book by Colin Waitt.

Touchdown Jesus

Acclaimed singer/songwriter of no relation.


'Barnwaves' is a scripted episodic podcast recored with the Barn Arts Collective during Spring 2020, consisting of absurdist radio plays with songs. Producer, Writer, Composer, Actor and Editor.

Just a Step Away

Composer, Music Director and Actor on 'Just a Step Away' commercial spot for Coca Cola Refreshing Films.

The Possibility Project

The Possibility Project empowers young people to share their stories, transform their lives, and impact their communities. Composer and Music Director for the Youth Justice Program since 2017.

Big Green Theatre

Big Green Theater (BGT) is an eco-playwriting program for public school students that uplifts the imaginations of young people most impacted by our new climate reality and brings their ideas to life on stage. Composer, Music Director and Actor 2016 - 2019

Clarence the Cannibal

'Clarence the Cannibal' is an operetta about an addict on a quest to eat Bill O'Reiley's heart before he runs for president. It was performed at the Bowery Poetry Club in 2015. Book, Music and Lyrics.

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