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Actor - Writer - Composer


Wesley Zurick is a New York City based actor, writer, and composer. Recent credits include: A Walk on the Moon (George St. Playhouse) The Last Supper (SOPAC) On the Shore of the Wide World (Atlantic Theater Company), The Hope Hypothesis (Voyage Theater), Big Green Theatre (Bushwick Starr), Bible Stories! (Atlantic Farm Team), The Lightning Thief (Theatreworks USA), The Velveteen Rabbit, Camp Kapawanna, Mr. Chickee’s Funny Money (Atlantic for Kids), Boats And (ANT Fest), Welcome to the Jungle (Living Record Collection), I’s Twinkle (Pipeline Theatre Company).The Trestle at Pope Lick Creek (Playhouse on Park), Ace (Playhouse in the Park).

As a composer and playwright his work has been produced by The Bushwick Starr, Dutch Kills Theater, Coca Cola Refreshing Films, The Atlantic Acting School, Ape` Shakespeare, The Bowery Poetry Club, Judson Memorial Church, The Cincinnati Fringe Festival, The Barn Arts Collective, 54 Below, and The Rescignos. He is the composer and music director for the Youth Justice Program at the Possibility Project.

'Unglow The' music video

Voice of Phil on 'It Makes a Sound' with Annie Golden.

Rehearsal footage from 'A Walk on the Moon' at George Street Playhouse

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